Going back a few decades, we will begin the history of the Ardis Group. We were one of the first to introduce Ukrainians to unique types of cheese from different countries and began to import the best world brands. The company managed to make Ukrainians fall in love with the cheese variety.


Thanks to the Ardis Group, Ukrainians are discovering real Italian cheese such as mozarella, ricotta and mascarpone.


Ukraine is actively implementing innovations in the cheese industry: new types of cheese and methods of their preparation are emerging, Ardis Group is developing cooperation with HoReCa.


By actively following the trends, we understand that the trend of healthy and varied nutrition is growing in the world, so the company begins to import and sell non-dairy plant products.


Ardis Group expands import geography, acquanting Ukrainians with cheese world diversity.Understanding the importance of education we do launch the ProCheese project which truly is the cheese connoisseurs’ community.


The beginning of a new history of the company’s cheese brand: Lel’s lightest. Cheese that makes cooking easy. The company creates its own powerful production and brings together the most talented cheese makers. Product safety and quality is ensured by a multi-level quality control system, the key part of which is its own laboratory. The production has received the HACCP certificate, confirmation of the national standard of food safety.


Feeling the need of consumers for online shopping, we are launching a project of our own online store ProCheese with a wide range of cheeses, alternative dairy products and accompaniments to cheese.


Launch and holding of the annual cheese art festival ProCheese Awards – an event created to improve the culture of consumption and development of the cheese industry of Ukraine. The event was attended by 2,500+ guests and more than 50 cheeses took part in the competition for the best cheese, the winner of which will go to represent Ukraine at the World Cheese Awards in Spain for the first time.

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